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ARTA is pleased to announce the launch of the PERSIAN CONFERENCE WEBSITE .
The Society for Studies in Persian Culture and History has been established to promote further recognition and foster a deeper understanding of the various dimensions of the Iranian culture and society. 
The new website has been created to attract potential Iranians who would join them to help them address the theme of "Hope and Faith: Fostering communities to elevate society".
The site is aimed to give thorough information about event and speakers, artists, as well as facilitating registration and accommodation bookings, and abstract submission.
The PERSIAN CONFERENCE WEBSITE features following:

  • All page content is editable by admin.

Powered by the successful website management system, ARTA CMS, we ensured that they can easily keep track of their pages and quickly get to grips with the page text editor.

  • Design & Layout, (Colours, headers & background)

We've put great effort into the design and layout to ensure the conference branding they end up with is professional yet Clean, Clear and usable presenting Persian Culture. Site header can be changed and updated at any time.

  • Sponsors has exposure they deserve

Sponsors can easily be included in sidebar or page text without having to worry about their details getting out of date. Sponsor logo can easily be updated once and it'll update throughout the site.

  • Speakers

Speakers list can be easily kept up-to-date and displayed anywhere in the website as well as their own special page alongside with their pictures, biography & sharing in social network pages for the exposure they want.

  • Menus - Full control of the navigation

Using a powerful and simplified navigation builder, they can set their site unlimited menus to their needs. With two levels of navigation they can give their visitors all the information they require.

  • Registration

Customizable user registration system with requested edit boxes, forget password feature, reporting print for user information in admin panel, Payment profile system for users, payment record & report in user’s profile and admin profile, sending confirmation email for user and system administrator, ability to add or modify registration packages. Changeable fee for the registration depending on booking type (child, adult, youth, promotion), and on the date of registration (early, normal, on-site) as well as promotion code.

  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus

Creating buzz and drive attendance by using social media integration to automatically promote their conference on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Search Engine Optimised

We've built the conference websites to be perfectly optimised for search engines.

  • Countdown timer

To show remaining time to the conference event

  • Customisable Emails
  • Top slide show with jQuery effects

With the ability to link each picture to special module or webpage.

  • Multimedia Archive

Ability to add video from YouTube or upload from computer, sharing in social networks and e-commerce features to sell CDs/DVDs.

  • News

​Classification, sharing in social networks, ability to choose special news to be displayed in the main page.

  • Events

Classification, sharing in social networks, ability to choose special Events to be displayed in the main page, adding video for each event, Ability for registration for a single event, ability to add or modify registration packages for each event.
Administrators are able to create reports regarding different aspects of the registration information including, number of registrations, ages of registrants, type of registrants, address of registrants, etc. they will also be able to create receipts of payment, as well as creating an HTML page that can act as a badge label when printed out.

  • The site is multi-browser compatible and has also been built to suit tablet devices such as the iPad.

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