Namaashoum Radio Website Launched

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Namaashoum Radio Website Launched

Namaashoum Radio Website Launched 26 June, 2012

ARTA just launched the redesigned website for the Namaashoum Radio, a radio show produced locally in Ottawa for Iranian community and led by Mr.Fallahi.

They offer a live stream of the show and recorded podcasts on the site.

ARTA technical team has been hard at work making efficient site improvements from its previous setup in order to enable Namaashoum Radio serve its customers better and deliver measurable advantages.
These site improvements share the common goal of providing more social functions, more professional look, more interactive content and greater user experience enabling them to get the actual information they need.

This Radio features include:

  • .  Clean, yet attractive site template with refreshing new design

  • .  Simplified, streamlined navigation

  • .  Enhanced search

  • .  Broadcast live radio

  • .  Uniformed look for interviews, events & Podcasts

  • .  New ad units with increased flexibility

  • .  Expanded events profiles with deeper linkages

Hopefully this will be the start of something great!

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